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Brandt England is a highly ambitious entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist. He enjoys benevolently participating in charities and devoting his time to engaging with those in need. Energetic in nature, he is an avid golfer and thrives on daily exercise, tennis, and a host of other outdoor activities. Brandt England is a dedicated family man, always aiming to maximize his time with his loving wife of 17 years and their Daughter.  


Brandt with his family.

Brandt and his family delighting in the festivities over the holidays. ..View More


Brandt England at the USC game after making a donation to the USC athletic scholarship fund.

Brandt England at the USC game after making a donation to the USC athletic scholarship fund. ..View More


Brandt England

Brandt England with his Volunteer Leadership Team for the Shriner Hospital Children's Open ..View More

Brandt England Volunteers Time and Talents to Shriners Children's Open as Corporate Hospitality General Committee Chairman


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Brandt England Volunteers Time and Talents to Shriners Children's Open as Corporate Hospitality General Committee Chairman.

The Shriners Children's Open is an exciting event that takes place every year to raise money for its children's hospitals. Brandt England serves as the General Committee Chairman for Corporate Hospitality. His work serves to help with the event and to make sure that corporate relationships are fostered. Additionally, corporations are offered opportunities for sponsorship through the Shriners Children's Open. Businesses can have their involvement with the fundraiser publicly displayed for maximum effectiveness. 

Brandt England devotes hundreds of hours per year to this cause because it is something he believes is bettering the world in which we live. He is a motivated, Type A personality who gives generously of his time and talents to help the less fortunate. His involvement with the event began 9 years ago. England was previously employed by Weyerhaeuser, a provider of lumber for companies, and he was educated at the University of Toledo. He earned his B.B.A. in marketing.

The Shriners Children's Open is the event that generates the most funding for the Shriners Children's Hospitals. It attracts golf's best and brightest. Champions from previous years have included Rod Pampling, Ryan Moore, Jonathon Byrd, and Tiger Woods. The Children's Open is a PGA tour and is played every year in Las Vegas in the month of October. The event receives an extensive amount of coverage and is featured on a variety of news and television networks. The Golf Channel gives the event almost 15 hours of air time. 

The golf tournament has existed since 1983, but in 2007 it was decided that the Shriners Children's Hospital would take over its management, with Justin Timberlake hosting the event for five years, from 2008-2012. Brandt England lends his expertise in leadership to his work as General Committee Chairman for Corporate Hospitality. During his time at the University of Toledo, he filled many leadership roles and has continued to do so throughout his life. 

While at the University, he ran for Student Body President in an election that received the highest voter turnout the school had ever seen. Not only was he listed in the nationwide directory of Who's Who, but he was also designated as one of Toledo University's Presidential Ambassadors. He was chosen for the appointment because of his hospitality and character and as such was to represent the school to the public. The position entailed meeting elected officials, dignitaries, leaders in the community and the general populace.

The Shriner's Children's Hospitals are dedicated to helping children. Because of this desire to show compassion for others they have offered medical assistance to over one million children completely free of charge. In addition, their hospitals are leading the way in providing care in paediatrics. 

Their hospitals that specialise in caring for burn injuries are the only freestanding hospitals dedicated to offering such care. In addition, Shriners Children's Hospitals' program for rehabilitation from spinal cord injuries is considered one of the finest in the world. The hospitals also offer programs for medical teaching and are known for their groundbreaking research.